Could Auckland Stabbing Attack Have Been Inspired by West’s Botched Withdrawal From Afghanistan?

On 3 September, an individual, who has not yet been identified, stabbed and injured at least six people at a supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand. Terrorism and security experts have discussed the assault as well as the apparent influence of the US’ Afghan debacle on the possible future Islamist attacks.

New Zealand police managed to shoot dead the attacker within 60 seconds after he went on a stabbing spree at Auckland supermarket on Friday. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the incident as a terror attack, adding that the culprit, a Sri Lankan national, was inspired by the Daesh* terrorist group.

The man came to New Zealand in October 2011 and has been on the police radar since 2016 as a “known security threat”. According to Ardern, there had been no legal reason to detain him earlier. In an official statement Police Commissioner Andrew Coster noted that law enforcement officers were not seeking anyone else in relation to the supermarket attack because they were confident that the assailant acted alone.

‘Not a Complete Success, But Not a Complete Failure’

The professor noted that although the New Zealand authorities sought to charge the man with acts in preparation for an act of terror earlier this year, the country’s laws did not allow this. “We need the parliament to change the laws before we can deal with problems like this,” the academic remarked.

Eventually, the would-be attacker was put on a 12-month bond and a community detention while police assigned a…

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