‘We’re F*cking Abandoning American Citizens’: Alleged US Military Messages Describe Afghan Pullout


While Joe Biden called the US evacuation from Afghanistan “an extraordinary success” on 31 August, text messages between US military personnel tell a different story, writes award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon.

John Solomon argues that the US military knowingly abandoned American citizens scrambling to get on airplanes in Kabul, citing messages allegedly written by an Army colonel assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division on 29 August.

The texts were provided by Michael Yon, a former Special Forces soldier and war correspondent. According to Just the News, Yon was working with private networks and the military to rescue Americans trapped in the Central Asian state.

Yon described on the John Solomon Reports podcast how a group of American citizens was pleading to be brought home as US military officials told them they were finished with evacuations. 

Although the rescue team managed to get the Americans to the gate at the airport, the US Army turned its back on them, saying: “Oh, we can’t do it, because the Department of the State tells us we can’t do it”, Yon said.

The retired Special Forces soldier also provided an email which he wrote on 31 August to an American Army major who abandoned a rescue effort that he had earlier agreed to coordinate.

The Pentagon has declined to comment on the text messages provided by Michael Yon, according to Just the News.

Yon’s account of the events, “backed by three dozen text and email exchanges…

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