Is BoJo Gov’t Ready to Tackle Potential Terror Threats From Afghanistan’s Daesh-K & Other Jihadists?

Former Commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp has raised a red flag, arguing that Britain is facing “the greatest danger from terrorism since [Daesh* was] at its height” following the withdrawal of US-NATO forces from the Central Asian state and the Taliban* takeover. Is the UK facing a new wave of jihadist terrorism?

Speaking to Times Radio, Colonel Richard Kemp suggested that the Taliban* “will allow and probably encourage jihadists to pour into the country from around the world, who plan, meet, prepare, train, organise and carry out strikes against the West from Afghanistan”. The remarks came on the heels of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s notion that the Taliban could get access to funds and gain diplomatic recognition if they ensure safe passage for those who want to leave Afghanistan and stamp out terror in the country.

Earlier, on 20 August, the influential British think tank Policy Exchange published an op-ed by Sir John Jenkins who specifically warned that a Taliban victory could embolden other Islamist groups and create new threats to Britain.

Daesh-K May Step Up Recruitment to Fill Power Vacuum in Afghanistan

Kemp’s concerns are justified as Daesh-K* (ISIS-K*) and other jihadi groups may be able to attract individuals who support their cause after the US-NATO pull-out from Afghanistan, believes Dr David Lowe, terrorism and security expert and former police officer.

Although the Taliban has been fighting against Daesh-K since 2015,…

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