British Defence Secretary Believes UK, US Should No Longer Be Considered Superpowers


On Tuesday, the US pulled the last of its soldiers out of war-torn Afghanistan, effectively ending its 20-year military presence in the country. An ill-planned troop withdrawal has been the target of criticism from all sides of the political spectrum around the world, thus leading to questions regarding the US’ ability to maintain its dominance.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has admitted that he believes the United States is no longer a superpower, while also acknowledging that his home country does not fit the bill either.

Wallace’s remarks came during an interview with Spectator magazine in which the government official discussed how the two allies handled the Afghanistan pullout.

When asked if the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan illustrated the limits of the country’s global power, Wallace stated that while he thinks “it really goes to what the definition of what a global power is,” he claimed that “it is obvious that Britain is not a superpower.”

According to The Guardian’s report on the defence secretary’s remarks, people in Wallace’s circle familiar with the situation agreed that his comments may be interpreted as being aimed at the US. The minister was reportedly emphasising the importance of political will over military might.

Moreover, Wallace stated in the interview that his past experience in the UK military gave him an insight that operations such as a troop withdrawal can turn out to be extremely…

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