Trump Says ‘Whole World Deserves’ Biden’s Apology Over ‘Disastrous’ US Troop Exit From Afghanistan


Earlier this week, Donald Trump insisted that the White House should “bomb the hell out of” the Taliban* if the militant group does not return US military hardware seized during their takeover of Afghanistan.

Former President Donald Trump has slammed the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan as a “humiliation” for the nation, also demanding that Joe Biden extend his apologies to the global community over the matter.

In an interview with the US news network Fox Business on Tuesday, Trump said the pullout was “a disaster” because “they [the Taliban] told us to get out, they gave us a date and that was it”.

He was referring to a recent letter signed by 90 retired senior US military officials who urged the resignation of Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley over “the disastrous” US troop exit from Afghanistan.

When asked what Biden ought to tell the nation in connection with the end of the US mission in Afghanistan, Trump said that POTUS “should say ‘I’m sorry’ because he owes an apology”.

Trump also berated Biden for his behaviour at a solemn ceremony to pay last respects to the 13 US Marines killed in a Daesh-K* terror attack on the Kabul Airport last week. It appeared that POTUS glanced at his watch during the ceremony, something that Trump claimed reflected Biden’s unwillingness to be there.

“[…] When he kept looking at his watch at Dover with the parents and spouses of people who were killed,…

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