Pressure Piles on Dominic Raab After Reports UK Embassy Told Afghans to Wait by Kabul Airport Gate Before Bombing

Just before 6 p.m. on 26 August a huge bomb went off near Abbey Gate, the main entrance to Kabul Airport, killing 13 US service personnel and 163 Afghans. A suicide bomber was to blame and the terrorist organisation, Daesh-Khorasan*, has claimed responsibility.

British officials told Afghans to wait at the main Abbey Gate entrance to Kabul Airport only hours before last week’s suicide bombing there, according to reports.

The BBC programme “Newsnight” said it had seen emails suggesting the British Embassy told people to “use the Abbey Gate (near) to the Baron Hotel” despite UK and US military and intelligence knowing there was a severe threat from extremists.

Earlier this week a report on the US website Politico claimed the US forces guarding the airport kept Abbey Gate open longer than they wanted because the British wanted more time to get evacuees out.

​Politico said the US commanders planned to close Abbey Gate by Thursday afternoon but decided to delay it so their British allies could continue evacuating their personnel, based at the Baron Hotel.

One Afghan interpreter told the BBC if he had followed the British Embassy’s advice to go to Abbey Gate he would have been dead.

The latest reports are bound to crank up the pressure on British Foreign Secretary Raab, who has been urged to resign.

Raab, who was on holiday in Greece when the Taliban* suddenly advanced and took Kabul, has been criticised for not calling the Afghan or Pakistani foreign…

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