Iran Unveils New Components of Air Defence Systems Capable of Detecting Stealth Aircraft

The Islamic Republic moved toward self-sustainability in terms of defence equipment and weapons after it was banned globally from buying armaments from other countries. The country’s defence industry has made several leaps since then, including in air defences, which shot down an intruding US RQ-4A drone in 2019.

Iran has announced the induction of six new domestic military projects into its armed forces. Yet, the country has only unveiled two of them to the public – a new radar and a command centre for Iranian-made air defence systems. Tehran expects these latest additions to increase the country’s ability to defend its territory from attacks by stealth and low-altitude flying attack aircraft.

Iran Air Defence General Alireza Sabahi Fard praised the new pieces of equipment, developed and produced in Iran, for strengthening the country’s defensive capabilities

Among the newest additions to the Iranian Armed Forces is the “Alborz” three-dimensional phased-array radar, capable of detecting aerial targets equipped with stealth technologies as far as 450 kilometres away. This radar thus renders the radar-evading aircraft useless, Iran Air Defence General Alireza Sabahi Fard claimed. Alborz is also said to be capable of detecting up to 300 targets simultaneously.

Another addition to Iran’s Air Force is the “Borhan” command and control system. It gathers information from all connected radars, such as Alborz, analyses the data and orders batteries to fire missiles to intercept…

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