Taliban Fighters Pose for Photoshoots at ‘Demilitarized’ US Equipment Left in Afghanistan

The departing American troops left an abundance of military hardware and garments at the Kabul airport. Responding to the criticism regarding the abandoned equipment, US General Kenneth McKenzie assured that the US troops had “demilitarized” the weapons.

Soon after the last American soldier left Afghanistan on a C-17 cargo plane, the Taliban fighters moved into the Kabul airport, where they found heaps of military clothes, firearms, helicopters and even strike jets left behind by US troops. Soon photos emerged showing the militants posing with the military hardware and inside a cockpit of a cargo plane, which belonged to the Afghan air force.

The fighters of the Taliban’s special forces unit, called Badri, took it even further, “getting into the skin” of their former adversaries by putting on US military fatigues and replacing their trusted Kalashnikovs with American firearms to pose for a photo op while waving the Taliban’s white flag.

Roughly at the same time, a Taliban spokesman delivered a speech at the airport commenting on the US troops’ departure: “Congratulations to Afghanistan […] this victory belongs to us all. [The defeat of the US is a] big lesson for other invaders and for our future generation”. 

The abandoning of tons of military hardware in the US has been widely criticised by the opponents of the current administration, but US General Kenneth F. McKenzie assured that all equipment had been “demilitarized”, preventing its further use by the…

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