‘Symbol of Defeat’ for Biden Team: Blinken Bashed Over Shunning Journos’ Questions on Afghanistan


Shortly before the Taliban’s* takeover of Kabul, Antony Blinken tried to uphold the alleged success of the nation’s Afghan mission, which he claimed “is manifestly not Saigon”.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was under fire on Monday over his reluctance to take questions from reporters after a speech on the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

During the address, the top US diplomat praised the end of the American presence in Afghanistan following nearly 20 years of war. Blinken also admitted there are between 100 and 200 Americans left in Afghanistan who still wish to leave the country despite the US completing its withdrawal on Monday.

As he was concluding his speech, several reporters tried to shout questions at Blinken, who, however, ignored them walking away from the podium.

Most journalists immediately took aim at the secretary of state on social media, with CNN host Jim Sciutto berating Blinken for failing “to answer reporter questions after a speech and a moment like this”.

Curtis Houck, managing editor of the blog-site NewsBusters, in turn, slammed Blinken as a “weak” person, tweeting that “turning your back and walking away – the symbol of defeat for this administration”.

Townhall.com editor and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich sarcastically tweeted about Blinken’s “perfect” behaviour, adding that “after confirming hundreds of Americans have been left behind in Afghanistan”, the secretary of state “turns and walks away….

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