Twitter Conservatives Condemn ‘Terrorist’ Biden Regime’s ‘Murder’ of Afghan Children


The Biden administration’s drone-strike slaughter of an Afghan family in Kabul was its latest breach of the peace treaty signed by former President Donald Trump in 2020, which agreed that all US troops should leave by 1 May this year.

Social media users have dubbed US President Joe Biden a “terrorist” after the air strike he ordered on Kabul massacred an Afghan family.

Sunday’s US Air Force drone strike killed Zemaray Ahmadi, a technical engineer with a foreign firm, and nine members of his family, including six children. The ruling Taliban — banned in Russia and other states — denounced the “arbitrary attack” as “illegal”.

The Pentagon claimed it had hit members of the Islamic State Khorasan Province* (ISKP) terrorist group, who it claimed were preparing a car bomb attack on Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The strike was the second US attack in retaliation for the ISKP’s suicide bomb attack at the gates of the airport last Thursday that killed 13 US troops and nearly 200 Afghans, including 28 members of the Taliban* providing security for the chaotic crowds of asylum-seekers. Witness reports indicated some of the civilian casualties were caused by US and Turkish troops firing into the crowd after the bomb detonated.

Conservative political pundits, with Mike Cernovich taking the lead, were not sparing in their condemnation of the Biden administration and its acts, dubbing them “murder”, “terrorist”…

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