Pentagon Says Threat to Kabul Airport Remains ‘Real’ and ‘Specific’ as Evacuations Wrap Up


According to media reports, the US plans to finish the withdrawal from Afghanistan on 31 August despite earlier mulling to stay as long as needed to evacuate all eligible persons. The same report suggested that Washington had already evacuated all Afghan employees of the now closed embassy in Kabul.

The Pentagon has stated that the threat of attacks on Kabul International Airport remains “real and specific”.

Earlier, a local offshoot of Daesh* carried out suicide bomber attacks at the airport after repeated warnings from US and UK officials that such assaults were possible and expected. Despite NATO forces being informed of the threat, the attackers managed to kill over 200 people at the overcrowded airport, including 13 US service members.

Daesh-K members also fired several rockets at the airport on 29 August, but none of them reached the target, having being intercepted by a US-installed missile shield.

Pentagon ‘Not in a Position to Dispute’ Reports of Civilian Casualties After Kabul Strike

Following the suicide bomber attack on the airport, the US carried out an airstrike against a vehicle allegedly carrying Daesh-K fighters and laden with explosives in Kabul. Despite the Pentagon claiming the strike only killed members of the terrorist group, several reports from CNN, as well as local media, suggested that the strike resulted in the death of nine civilians, including six children.

The Department of Defence’s…

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