Ex-Obama Education Secretary Lands in Hot Water After Comparing Anti-Maskers With Daesh Bombers


The tweet came in just as the bodies of 13 American service members, who died last week in a deadly Daesh-K* bombing at the Kabul International Airport, were delivered to the US.

Former US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has drawn massive flak on Twitter after unsuccessfully trying to compare people who refuse to wear masks and get COVID-19 vaccines with Daesh-K* suicide bombers. Duncan, who served under President Obama between 2009 and 2016, drew parallels between the two groups of people, claiming they possess “strikingly similar mindsets” and “both blow themselves up” and “inflict harm on those around them”.

The questionable comparison obviously did not sit well with netizens, especially in the wake of a recent reminder about who Daesh terrorists are and what threat they pose to others – the tweet came in just as the bodies of 13 American soldiers killed in the Kabul blast last week arrived in the US. The American servicemen were among over 200 killed in a deadly bombing at the Kabul International Airport carried out by Daesh-K* suicide bombers.

Many Twitterians harshly condemned Duncan’s apparent attempt to motivate people to wear masks and get vaccinated. Some users even suggested that the former secretary of education might have achieved the opposite result.

Several netizens accused the former official of hypocrisy, recalling his recent tweets about people needing to be more compassionate to each other.  

Others attacked the logic…

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