Sullivan: US Capable of Suppressing Terrorism Threat in Afghanistan Without Permanent Military Presence


The Biden administration has vowed to “hunt down” and punish the Daesh-Khorasan* terrorists who claimed responsibility for Thursday’s deadly attack on Kabul Airport. Privately, Pentagon officials have expressed concerns about the US’ ability to stage effective over-the-horizon strikes in Afghanistan without a presence on the ground.

The United States is fully capable of fighting terrorism in Afghanistan even without a military presence on the ground, Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has announced.

Speaking to CBS News’ Face the Nation on Sunday, Sullivan indicated that the US would consider additional strikes and “other operations” against the Daesh-Khorasan plotters responsible for Thursday’s Kabul Airport attack.

“The president does not intend to start a new war in Afghanistan…That being said, he also is going to talk to his commanders about whatever set of tools and capabilities they need to get the people who attacked and killed our troops at the Kabul airport to make sure that we are degrading and debilitating the group, ISIS-K, that conducted this attack. So, yes, we will continue to take the kinds of over-the-horizon strikes like we did over the weekend against the ISIS-K facilitators and plotters. And yes, we will consider other operations to go after these guys, to get them and to take them off the battlefield”, he added.

Sullivan also confirmed earlier media reports that the US would not…

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