Neocon Senator Lindsey Graham Warns US Afghan Pullout Multiplies Risk of ‘Another 9/11’


Earlier this week, the South Carolina Republican demanded that President Biden be impeached over his decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan, even though Biden’s GOP predecessor, Donald Trump, planned to do the same thing.

Senior Senate Republican leader Lindsey Graham has expressed fears that a “parade of horribles is about to unfold” in Afghanistan as US forces wrap up their pullout from the war-torn country, and warned that new 9/11-style attacks may be in the offing for the United States.

“Let me tell you where I think we’re at: This is a cata –a catamalystic –just a failure beyond my ability to describe it. It’s been a very emotional couple days for all of us,” Graham said, apparently searching for the word ‘cataclysmic’.

“We’re leaving thousands of Afghan allies behind who fought bravely with us. We’re gonna leave hundreds of American citizens behind. The chance of another 9/11 just went through the roof,” the senator warned.

Graham went on to bash Biden’s strategy of drone strikes against the Daesh-Khorasan* planners responsible for Thursday’s deadly attack on the Kabul airport, which killed over 180 people, including 13 US troops, and injured over a thousand more.

Graham did not specify what “allies” the US had turned its back on. The US and NATO-backed Kabul government and 300,000 troop-strong Afghan security forces disintegrated in mid-August after the Taliban*…

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