US Troops May Have Accidentally Gunned Down Civilians During Kabul Airport Attack, Eyewitnesses Say

182 people were killed and more than 1,300 were injured in Thursday’s deadly Daesh-Khorasan* bomb attack on Kabul’s airport. The fatalities included over 100 Afghan civilians, 13 US troops and as many as 28 Taliban fighters. The terrorist incident took place less than a week before all US forces were expected to pull out of Afghanistan for good.

US and Turkish troops may be responsible for the shooting deaths of an unknown number of Afghan civilians who perished at Kabul’s airport on Thursday, eyewitnesses have told a BBC correspondent.

One eyewitness told the broadcaster that his brother and his brother’s wife died in the “confusion” that followed the terrorist suicide bombing outside Abbey Gate, one of the gates leading into the airport.

The BBC has indicated that “many” of the people it spoke to implied that “significant numbers” of those who were killed during Thursday’s carnage were shot dead by foreign troops in the panic that followed the blast.

US and Turkish officials have not commented on the BBC’s reporting.

On Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan indicated that the Taliban had made a formal request for Turkish forces to run the Kabul airport, but said that Ankara has not made a decision on the matter amid a lack of security guarantees. As of Friday, about 350 of the 500 Turkish troops in Kabul had been evacuated, alongside some 1,400 others, including diplomats from Turkey’s now-shuttered Embassy.

The US deployed…

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