Some Afghan Refugees Flagged For Concern by CBP at Military Bases Worldwide, Report Says


The US and its allies have entered the final phase of the evacuation of their citizens, along with those Afghans who want to leave their country now that it is controlled by the Taliban* military movement. All efforts are now said to be focused on distributing rescued Afghans.

Some Afghan refugees have been “flagged for concern” by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) following security checks and screenings in American military bases worldwide, the ABC News reported on Saturday, citing officials from several US security agencies.

The process is reportedly facilitated by the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department, whose officials, during a call on Friday, discussed the process of the security checks.

The CPB has been said to provide personnel to foreign bases, where Afghans are primarily transferred for vetting and other checks to detect threats and potentially dangerous people who “could use the relocation process as a way to introduce operatives intending to conduct an attack within the homeland,” according to acting head of the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis, John Cohen.

Cohen added that agencies are also monitoring possible extremism in the US against the refugees, as there are concerns over “violent activities directed at immigrant communities, certain faith communities or even those who are relocated to the United States.”

Currently, the US and other NATO member countries continue to remove…

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