British Embassy in Afghanistan Scrubs Twitter Account as Evacuation Effort Enters Final Stage


Earlier, the UK Ministry of Defence confirmed that the last flight purely for the evacuation of Afghans had left Kabul, as further airlifts would be including evacuees as well as British diplomatic staff and military personnel as part of the winding down operation.

The official Twitter handle of the UK Embassy in Afghanistan, set up in 2013 and boasting more than 109,000 followers, has apparently been deactivated.

​The disappearance of the account coincided with Britain’s final phase of its evacuation effort from Kabul airport. The official website for the embassy noted that operations at its Kabul mission were “temporarily suspended in response to the deterioration in the security situation” in Afghanistan.

​There has not been any official statement from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

Netizens offered their own explanations for what had triggered the sudden disappearance of the account.

Others on Twitter recalled a Times report that stated documents had been found in the Kabul diplomatic quarter identifying a number of Afghan staffers at the facility. Some of them, according to the contact information discovered, had stayed on in the war-torn country and were in danger of retaliation from the Taliban* Islamist group. The Foreign Affairs Select Committee vowed to launch an inquiry into the oversight.

Last Phase of Airlift

Meanwhile, as the UK hurries to wrap up its evacuation from Hamid Karzai…

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