UK’s Defense Sec Wallace: To Manage Issues Like Afghanistan You Have to Be There ‘For the Long Run’


s the US and NATO allies are continuing their evacuations of citizens and Afghan colleagues from Afghanistan after the Taliban’s* takeover of power, Kabul was rocketed by a series of blasts on Thursday.

The UK’s Secretary of Defence Ben Wallace said on Friday that when it comes to problems like Afghanistan, you “have to manage them and be there for the long run”, and not just “fly in and fix problems” like the West seems to think. 

Wallace told Sky News that the threat of further attacks was “obviously going to grow” in Kabul as Western troops got closer to leaving the country. An area of the city’s airport, which has seen crowds of people seeking to flee the country, was hit by several explosions on 26 August. 

The blasts, that reportedly occured outside the Baron Hotel and Abbey Gate close to the airport, killed at least 85 people, including 13 US soldiers.

Daesh-K*, an affiliate of the Daesh* which operates in Afghanistan, has claimed responsibility for the attacks. 

According to Wallace, the blasts haven’t hastened the UK’s departure from the country:

The defence secretary added that the closure of a processing center at the Baron Hotel, a spot for Afghan people wishing to flee the country and a gathering point for Western forces, which is located near Kabul airport, had happened “on schedule”. 

The UK plans to complete its evacuations from Afghanistan “in a matter of hours”, Wallace announced.

“We will…

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