‘Outright Disgrace’: GOP Reportedly Slams Biden Admin For ‘Unconditional Surrender’ to Taliban

As of Thursday, President Joe Biden stood by his decision to pull out US forces from Afghanistan following two blasts that hit Kabul, which killed dozens including 13 American soldiers.

House Republicans privately blasted the Biden administration’s “disaster” following the Kabul attacks on Thursday, as some GOP members are pushing to impeach the president, insiders told the New York Post.

The heated comments were reportedly made during a conference call on Thursday, as House Foreign Affairs Committee member Michael McCaul (R-Texas) branded Joe Biden’s resolve to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan by 31 August the “worst presidential foreign policy decision in my lifetime and an unconditional surrender to the Taliban,” an unnamed Republican on the call told the Post.

Both McCaul and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) have reportedly expressed an interest in preserving all documents related to the US troop pullout to launch an investigation into its execution, the report claims.

“[I] promise you there is going to be a reckoning,” the House Minority leader reportedly said during the call. “Every option is on the table.”

Another source added that McCarthy believes that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should convene Congress’ Lower House as soon as possible to have a briefing on the Afghanistan situation – something he had said before. But Pelosi has so far rejected McCarthy’s calls as “empty stunts, ” saying a full House…

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