‘Horribly Chaotic’: Erik Prince Slams ‘Clumsy’ US Withdrawal After Psaki Blasts Plane Ticket Scheme


Earlier reports detailed that the notorious American defense contractor had launched an effort to charge fleeing Afghans at least $6,500 for a plane ticket out of the war-torn nation amid the Taliban’s swift takeover of the nation. The move has been widely condemned, even by the White House.

Former US Navy SEAL Erik Prince recently lashed out at the Biden White House for its “horribly chaotic” withdrawal from Afghanistan, underscoring that the initiative will bring into question the ability for the nation to back its partners.

Prince relayed his beliefs during a Wednesday segment on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today,” which aired just a few hours after the White House slammed the defense contractor for selling costly plane tickets out of Afghanistan. 

Prince, who founded the controversial Blackwater company that saw four of its contractors convicted of killing innocent civilians during the Iraq War, told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the US has effectively “shattered the confidence” of its allies with how it handled the troop pullout.

The speaking engagement went on to see Prince recall an incident in 2008 when US President Joe Biden – then serving as vice president during the Obama administration, former Secretary of State John Kerry, and former US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had gotten lost in a snowstorm.

“They were on a congressional visit to Afghanistan in the winter and their US Army helicopter got lost in a blinding…

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