Highway Robbery: Erik Prince Reportedly Charging People $6,500 to Escape Kabul Chaos


Over the last several weeks, the US and its allies have been coordinating evacuation flights for the many patriots and Afghan nationals who have been cleared to depart from Afghanistan following the Taliban’s* takeover of the Central Asian country. Now, as many are desperately waiting to leave, some individuals are trying to profit from the chaos.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince recently prompted public outrage and backlash from the Biden White House after reports detailed that the US defense contractor was reportedly attempting to turn a profit on distressed Afghans looking to leave Afghanistan.

A costly ticket, according to Prince, ensured paying travelers that they would be safely transported to the Hamid Karzai International Airport. However, it remains unclear whether Prince has the actual ability to deliver on his promise.

The high-priced initiative comes as the Biden administration and US allies have been scrambling to clear visa-carrying Afghan nationals out of Afghanistan and organize evacuation flights. In many cases, there have been instances where scheduled flights have departed without even nearing the respective flight capacities.

Aside from Prince’s financial endeavors, free-of-charge evacuation flights have also been offered by many nonprofit organizations such as the Clinton Foundation and No One Left Behind, among other groups.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday condemned Prince’s latest efforts to maximize…

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