‘He Needs to Resign’: Biden’s Joking Response to Afghanistan Evacuation Question Raises Eyebrows

Amid the chaotic evacuation of Americans and NATO states citizens – as well as their Afghan allies – Joe Biden’s administration is under pressure to extend the deadline for getting people out of Afghanistan beyond 31 August. This date has been called a “red line” by the Taliban*.

US President Joe Biden has been branded “terrible” and a “callous human being” after he gave a sarcastic answer to an NBC reporter asking about the fate of Americans in Afghanistan.

NBC’s Peter Alexander asked the POTUS during a cybersecurity summit on Wednesday what he would do if any US citizens remained in the country after the 31 August deadline to get them out expires.

The president’s remark has caused shockwaves on social media; scores have people have shared it online, including Alexander himself.

However, in one viral clip capturing the exchange between the two, the sound suddenly cuts out as Biden makes the joke.

House Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX 13th District) suggested on Twitter that the audio was redacted on purpose by Biden’s “handlers.”

“This is not funny,” the congressman noted. “He [Biden] needs to resign immediately!”

Even though it wasn’t expected that the president would share the administration’s plans about any future operations in the Middle East with the media due to security concerns, the timing of the president’s wisecrack is unfortunate.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken said on Wednesday that some 1,500 Americans may still…

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