Farage Says ‘No Way’ British MPs Would Back Military Action With US Under Biden


Nigel Farage, who campaigned for the former US president, Donald Trump, stressed that British and American troops fought side-by-side from the First World War to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as part of George W Bush’s Global War on Terror.

Nigel Farage has warned that the UK Parliament would not back military action with the US after President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghan pull-out.

The former Brexit Party leader remarked to Fox News on Wednesday that there was “no way” British MPs would vote to go to war alongside the NATO ally as they did for the 2003 invasion of Iraq ordered by former US President George W Bush.

Farage said that while there had been no “major terrorist atrocities in the West” in recent years, other NATO members might be reticent to follow Washington’s lead again “if we find ourselves back engaged”.

“That’s a very sad thing to say,” Farage continued, adding, “because since 1917, the UK and America have been side by side in virtually every major conflict”.

Biden came in for heavy criticism in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords a week earlier as Parliament debated the crisis in Kabul prompted by the White House’s decision to hurriedly evacuate its embassy, as the Taliban, banned as a terrorist organisation in Russia and other countries, swept across the country towards the capital with little to no resistance by the US-trained Afghan National Army.

On Tuesday, Farage…

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