Anti-Taliban Fighters Dig Trench as Islamist Militant Group Puts Panjshir Under Siege: Report

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Ahmad Massoud is leading the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF), an anti-Taliban group that has emerged as the main force putting up a brave challenge against the Taliban*, since the latter took over Kabul recently.

Days after Taliban militants managed to seize Kabul without a fight, it is witnessing concerted resistance from north-eastern Afghanistan. According to Khaama Press, an Afghanistan-based news agency, fighters from Panjshir are now “digging a trench to defend Panjshir Province”.

The region is the epicentre of the National Resistance Front (NRF).

According to the report, “NRF has put up machine gun nests, mortars, and monitoring stations protected with sandbags in anticipation of a Taliban attack on their bastion. Its fighters patrol the region in US-made Humvees and technicals — pick-up trucks with machine weapons mounted on the back – many of them are dressed in military fatigues.”

Khaam adds: “Assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, and walkie-talkies are among the weapons carried by many. Some people in the valley, which begins approximately an hour north of Kabul, pose on top of their vehicles against a stunning backdrop of snow-covered peaks.”

Panjshir Valley is also known as the “resistance zone” because of the valley’s location which makes it a natural fortress. It was never conquered by any force – neither foreign forces nor the Taliban.

The confrontation between the…

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