Angela Merkel: Afghanistan Can Become a Hotbed of Terrorism After NATO Troop Withdrawal


Western powers have been faced with a conundrum in the war-stricken country since the Taliban* retook power in Afghanistan on 15 August. NATO is now racing against time to evacuate its troops, citizens, as well as Afghans, who worked with them by 31 August.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Afghanistan can become a breeding ground for terrorists again after NATO withdraws its troops from the nation. “We should prevent this”, the chancellor said.

In a speech to parliament, the German head of government highlighted the importance of safeguarding what has been achieved by the NATO allies in Afghanistan over the past twenty years. Talks with the Taliban must continue to safeguard these achievements, Merkel said. 

Evacuations to Continue

Earlier this week, western leaders warned that they wouldn’t be able to evacuate their troops, citizens, and Afghan allies from the Central Asian nation by 31 August. Merkel said that Berlin would continue airlifting people out of Afghanistan despite the approaching deadline. We will do it for as long as justifiable, Merkel said, adding that efforts to support local staff should not end after the said deadline. At the same time, she stressed the importance of US assistance in evacuations.

The German chancellor said that Berlin’s future decisions on Afghanistan will be coordinated with its international partners.

Peace Deal and Takeover of Afghanistan

In February 2020, the…

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