Will Britain, the EU Choose to Intervene in Afghanistan’s Affairs Again?

European powers should stay out of Afghanistan and not facilitate a new round of civil war, warns French politician and journalist Karel Vereycken, referring to Ahmad Massoud and allied resistance commanders’ requests for military aid sent to President Emmanuel Macron.

Conflicting reports continue to filter out of the Panjshir Valley, the home of the National Resistance Front, formed by military leader Ahmad Massoud and first vice president of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh who declared himself caretaker president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

After the Taliban* besieged the two leaders and their forces in the valley, The Telegraph reported on 23 August, citing an anonymous adviser to Massoud, that the 32-year old military leader “was looking for a way to capitulate with his honour intact”.

Earlier in the day, French political activist and publicist Bernard-Henri Lévy, often referred to in France as BHL, insisted in an article for The Wall Street Journal that Massoud – who earlier called upon western countries for military aid – would not give up fighting.

​According to Politico, Massoud, the son of legendary field commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, also known as “the Lion of Panjshir”, has pinned his hopes on France amid Washington’s hasty withdrawal. In a letter to Lévy, published in the Journal du Dimanche on 14 August, the younger Massoud asked BHL to make a direct appeal to President Emmanuel Macron “that France is our last resort, the only hope that is…

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