Trump Claims Biden Flying ‘Terrorists’ Out of Kabul While Leaving US Citizens ‘For Dead’


A now-abandoned US embassy in Kabul had 4,000 staff before the White House ​ordered a hurried pull-out two weeks ago, but only 1,400 of those were US citizens. Thousands of other Americans were in the country as charity aid workers or in other capacities — including private contractors hired by the US military.

Donald Trump has asserted that US President Joe Biden’s administration of airlifting thousands of what the former describes as “terrorists” to the US, while leaving Americans in the nation “for dead”.

The former US president’s comment was a reaction to a tweet by Politico’s national security reporter, Alex Ward, which cited a leaked US State Department communication that broke down the numbers of those evacuated from Kabul, by nationality.

It showed that in the 24 hours to 3pm on Monday, 6,425 Afghans were evacuated by the US Air Force, compared to just 483 US citizens and eight from other countries. That brought the total since the operation began to 4,407 Americans, 21,533 Afghans and 642 from “third countries”.

The disparity between the some 26,500 from the State Department, and the Department of Defence’s claim to have brought out at least 37,000 since August 14, was reportedly the result of the Pentagon counting those evacuated by “coalition” allies such as the UK, France, Germany and Canada and those leaving on private charter flights, which it claimed to “facilitate”.

​The now-abandoned US embassy in Kabul had an estimated…

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