Taliban Sentences Afghan Translator’s Brother to Death Over Help to ‘Americans’, US Media Says

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Earlier on Monday, Taliban* spokesman Suhail Shaheen insisted that videos showing militants raiding Afghans’ homes, threatening them, and looking for former government officials are fake.

СNN claimed on Monday that they had obtained several Taliban letters allegedly revealing that the militant group had sentenced the brother of an Afghan translator to death over his support of the US. The authenticity of the letters cannot be immediately confirmed.  

The second letter contains a notice of the person’s failure to follow the Taliban’s order.

In the third document, the extremist group notes that due to the fact that the man had rejected previous warnings to stop his “servitude to the invading crusaders” and ignored a subpoena to appear for the hearing, he was “found guilty in absentia” and will be sentenced to death.

CNN cited an unnamed former service member who worked with the translator as saying that the Taliban had delivered the letters to the interpreter’s brother within the last three months.

Neither the Afghan man nor his brother has been identified in order “to protect their identities amid the threats they’re facing”, CNN reported, claiming that the letters, which were written in Pashto and translated into English for the news network, “have seals that match those of archival Taliban letters”.

This comes hours after Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen rejected footage allegedly…

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