‘Red Line’: Taliban Warns of Consequences if US ‘Occupation of Afghanistan’ Extended


The Taliban* seized power in Afghanistan on 15 August, when they captured the capital Kabul without a fight following a months-long offensive. The militants voiced a desire to have friendly relations with all countries, stressing that the Taliban “must be recognised” by the international community.

In an interview with Sky News published on Monday, Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen focused on a number of pressing issues, including the US troop withdrawal, evacuation of Afghans, and women’s rights.

With time already ticking for the American military pullout deadline, Shaheen warned of serious repercussions from any possible extension.

He stressed that the militant group would say “no” if the US or the UK “seek additional time to continue evacuations or there would be consequences”.

Earlier, The Telegraph reported that during a G7 meeting on Tuesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will push Biden to delay the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

The newspaper claimed that UK ministers have been pressing the US privately for days to consider postponing the troop pullout in order to ease pressure on the Kabul Airport. Biden, for his part, told reporters that discussions were underway with American military officials about possibly extending the Afghanistan evacuation mission beyond the 31 August deadline.

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