Over 200 ‘Rehabbed’ Extremists Released From Gitmo Have Reengaged in Terror Activities, Report Says


In 2018, then-US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to keep the Guantanamo Bay detention centre open indefinitely, but earlier this year the Biden administration pledged to shut the Cuba-based prison down.

A total of 229 “rehabbed” radical extremists previously released from the Cuba-based Guantanamo Bay detention centre have returned to terrorism, according to a US intelligence report obtained by the New York Post.

The report issued by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) claimed that at least 66% of those extremists had not been recaptured and are still at large.

The report added that although “enforcement of transfer conditions probably has deterred many former detainees from reengagement, some detainees determined to reengage have and will do so regardless of any transfer conditions”.

Biden Wants to Close Gitmo Down

The claims come amid the Biden administration’s efforts to shut Gitmo down for good, despite the detention centre’s remaining 39 prisoners having long been classified by US military intelligence as too dangerous to release.

In the latest development, a Taliban* commander claimed last week that he spent “eight years” in the Guantanamo Bay prison. The allegations were made during a victory speech purportedly from inside the Presidential Palace in Kabul on 15 August, when the Taliban entered the Afghan capital without a fight and seized power in the country.

In July, President Joe…

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