‘Our Life is On Hold, No Certainty About Anything’: Afghans Live in Fear as Taliban Targets Panjshir

Nearly 16,000 students from Afghanistan are believed to be studying in India at present, pursuing higher education courses from universities around the country. The turbulence back home, as they watch the Taliban* gain control of the country, has plunged their future into uncertainty as they fear for their families’ security and safety.

Panjshir Province, which lies in the north-eastern part of Afghanistan, is one of the few parts of the country not to have fallen to the Taliban as it witnesses an uprising by the National Resistance Front against the Taliban.

There are reports that the Taliban is negotiating with the National Resistance Front – led by Ahmad Massoud, son of legendary commander Ahmad Shah Massoud who spearheaded the fight against the Taliban and foreign forces back in the Eighties – for a ‘settlement’ to avoid bloodshed, and that Amrullah Saleh, the self-proclaimed caretaker president of Afghanistan, said Panjshir valley had been targeted by the terrorists. Saleh, who also comes from Panjshir and served as first vice-president to Ashraf Ghani, the fugitive president of Afghanistan, declared himself president after Ghani fled as soon as the Taliban captured Kabul. 

Ground reports indicate that youngsters in Panjshir province are prepared to fight the Taliban “if talks fail”. 

Habib added: “People are ready to fight the Taliban in Panjshir – we are not scared of them. Panjshir never bowed to any force in its history, not the Taliban, the US or the Soviet…

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