Woman in Afghanistan Reportedly Set on Fire by Taliban Fighters for ‘Bad Cooking’

Since the Taliban* seized Kabul, people across the world have voiced concerns about women’s rights in the country. The insurgent group, for its part, has vowed to respect women and their rights in accordance with Islamic law.

Former Afghan judge and activist Najla Ayoubi has told Sky News she is aware of a recent case involving a woman being set on fire because she was accused of “bad cooking” by Taliban fighters. According to Ayoubi, the incident took place as other women in the country are also reportedly being forced into sex slavery for the insurgents.  

The activist additionally noted that the Taliban’s leaders are forcing families to marry their young daughters off to fighters, stressing she doesn’t see how the insurgent group is keeping its promise to preserve women’s rights in accordance with Islamic law.

Despite the Taliban previously pledging to provide Afghan women with all the rights granted to them by Sharia and Afghan law, there have been multiple reports suggesting that the situation surrounding women’s rights in the country has worsened since the Kabul takeover. On 20 August, two female anchors with Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA), were reportedly intimidated and barred from performing their duties by RTA’s new director with the backing of the Taliban.  

Earlier this week, the United Nations Refugee Agency received reports of human rights abuses against women throughout Afghanistan, with cases showing that in some areas women are not being…

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