UK Foreign Secretary Allegedly Ignored Order to Return From Holiday Early Amid Afghanistan Chaos


Both Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and Prime Minister Boris Johnson were harshly criticised over the two being on holiday last week despite public warnings the Taliban* might enter the Afghan capital Kabul within hours at the time.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab defied a Downing Street order last week to return from his holiday in the Mediterranean to grapple with the events in Afghanistan, the Daily Mail has cited unnamed sources as saying.

The sources claimed that on 13 August – two days before Taliban militants captured Kabul – a senior No.10 official told Raab that he should return to London immediately because the situation in the Afghan capital was taking a turn for the worse.

According to the insiders, there was “much gnashing of teeth” after the foreign secretary postponed his return until the early hours of Monday morning.

The claims were rejected by a close Raab ally who reportedly insisted that senior government officials had not “ordered” the foreign secretary to return to London last Friday.

They also insisted reports that Raab had spent most of last Sunday on the beach were “just not true”, adding, “he based his family on the beach in a gazebo precisely so that he could go back and work at the hotel, while checking in on them every now and again”.

This came as the foreign secretary told the Daily Mail on Sunday about strong support from Tory members, rejecting allegations that he had been pressured to step down.


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