UK Forces Reportedly Rescued 150 British, Afghan Civilians in Kabul Despite Objections From US


Just like Washington, London is struggling to evacuate its nationals, as well as UK visa applicants, out of the country recently seized by the Taliban*. The evacuation process ended up being similarly chaotic to the one organised by the US.

UK Special Forces carried out a rescue operation to extract 150 civilians who wanted to leave Afghanistan from remote parts of Kabul even after the US tried to dissuade them from doing so, the Express has reported, citing anonymous sources. It is unclear when exactly the alleged operation to evacuate UK nationals and locals eligible under the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy took place.

Under the cover of darkness, a group consisting of the second and third battalions of the UK Parachute Regiment, British Special Forces Support Group, and MI6 intelligence aided by the CIA and the US and French Special Forces, worked on securing passage through the Taliban-controlled capital, the media outlet claims.

The media outlet said the US originally opposed the operation, warning the second battalion of the UK Parachute Regiment, which was tapped to carry it out, that nobody would come to their rescue if “it hits the fan”. The third battalion reportedly joined the effort, later bringing the overall number of troops to 900. The Express also said that the battalions are now venturing no further than the Hotel Baron, which is being used to process hundreds of civilians trying to get out of Afghanistan.


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