Trump Says Taliban Knew He Would ‘Rain Down Fire and Fury’ if US Personnel or Interests Were Harmed


The former president has harshly criticised the way the Joe Biden administration is handling the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and the mayhem it has caused in the war-ravaged country, which fell to the Taliban last week, as “one of the greatest embarrassments” and the “greatest foreign policy humiliation” in the history of the US.

Donald Trump has said the Taliban* was aware he would “rain down fire and fury” if any US personnel or interests were harmed, and suggested “this Afghanistan disaster” wouldn’t have happened under his presidency.

He insisted again that the current occupant of the Oval Office, Joe Biden, must apologise to America “for allowing the military to leave before civilians and for allowing $85 billion dollars worth of sophisticated military equipment to be handed over to the Taliban (and Russia and China so they can copy it) rather than bringing it back to the United States!”

The latest swipe at his predecessor and the chaos in Afghanistan came shortly after Trump held a Save America rally in Cullman, Alabama, where he described the hasty troop withdrawal as a “total surrender” and “gross incompetence by the nation’s leader”.

Despite the latest US intelligence assessment suggesting that the Taliban could isolate Kabul in 30 days and capture it in three months, the Afghan capital fell to the terrorist group last Sunday as the US-trained Afghan Army showed no resistance and western-backed…

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