Pompeo Says Afghan Fiasco Return to ‘American Weakness’ of Obama Years


Mike Pompeo was closely involved in — if not supportive of — former US president Donald Trump’s efforts to make peace with North Korea and end the 20-year Afghan war. But he was also among those thought to have urged greater aggression against Afghanistan’s neighbour Iran.

Donald Trump’s ex-foreign policy chief has said Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghan pull-out has taken the US back to the “weakness” of former president Barack Obama.

Hawkish former secretary of state Mike Pompeo said US “leadership” in the global affairs “has already walked off the stage” seven months into the Democrat president’s administration.

He said that Washington’s designated enemies like Russian president Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un were “watching America destroy its alliances” with glee.

The White House ordered up to a hasty evacuation of its embassy in Kabul just over a week ago after its predictions that the US-trained Afghan National Army would hold out against the Taliban, the insurgent movement banned in many countries including Russia.

Up to 6,000 US troops have been deployed to the Afghan capital, prompting the UK, Canada, France and NATO members to follow suit as they also pull out their embassy staff and citizens. By contrast, Russia, China and other nations have kept their embassies open and maintain constructive relations with the new regime.

The insurgents walked into Kabul on Sunday August 15 without firing a shot,…

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