Ex-White House Spokesman Slams Biden for Putting Americans Notch ‘Away From Bloodbath in Kabul’


Despite voices from both sides of the aisle, as well as the mainstream US media, criticising President Joe Biden for the decision to go forward with the withdraw from Afghanistan and for the way it has been carried out, POTUS himself has vehemently defended the move and continues to stress the alleged success of the endeavour.

US President Joe Biden put Americans “just one stray bullet away from a bloodbath in Kabul” with his Afghanistan policy, former White House press secretary under George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer has stated in an interview with WABC Radio. Fleischer specifically condemned the president’s continuing defence of the chaotic efforts to evacuate all Americans and former Afghan associates via the Kabul Airport.

The former White House spokesperson went on to mock a situation, where the success of the American operation to pull out troops, US civilians, and Afghan visa applicants, was essentially dependent on the “mercies” and “restraint” of the Taliban*, who had previously seized the majority of Afghanistan including Kabul. He added that in his “wildest dreams” he couldn’t imagine a situation where the American military’s ability to control an airfield, receive and send airplanes would depend on the Taliban’s cooperation.

Fleischer also alleged that the Afghanistan policy was not Biden’s only lapse in judgment, adding that he has had such on “many issues, for so many decades”. He added that now it is just…

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