Tucker Carlson Defends ‘Senile’ Biden as Officials, Media Abandon POTUS Over Afghanistan Disaster


Major liberal media outlets which helped get Joe Biden elected and generally defended him against hardball policy questions have very publicly turned on the president this week in the aftermath of the unexpectedly rapid collapse of the Afghan government. Meanwhile, on Friday, Pentagon officials openly contradicted Biden’s statements twice.

Paleoconservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson has asked why pro-Democratic media and some of Biden’s own senior officials have so openly and publicly abandoned or contradicted the president over the chaos in Afghanistan.

In his Friday night broadcast, Carlson suggested that types of criticisms faced by Biden are unusual, and break a cardinal rule that’s typically a “ruthlessly enforced” policy in “any White House” not to allow the boss to be publicly diminished.

In a Friday press conference on the US military’s ongoing evacuation from Afghanistan, Biden declared that the US had been successful in ridding Afghanistan of al-Qaeda*, and dismissed reports of Americans being stopped from reaching Kabul’s airport to be evacuated, saying that the US and the Taliban had reached an agreement on their safety.

Just moments later, in separate briefings and press conferences, Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin and Pentagon spokesman John Kirby contradicted Biden on both claims, with Austin telling House lawmakers that some Americans have been harassed or beaten by Taliban*…

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