Tucker Carlson Accuses ABC of Cutting Parts of Biden Interview Showing Him ‘Incoherent, Confused’


President Joe Biden spoke to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, with fragments of the interview released 18 August and what appeared to be a full version on Thursday.

Tucker Carlson has accused ABC News of heavily editing its Wednesday night exclusive interview with Joe Biden to omit the more embarrassing moments, where the “fumbling” president seemed to display “lapses of memory.”

Biden’s sit-down with anchor George Stephanopoulos was his first media grilling over the situation in Afghanistan, and the POTUS doubled down on his decision to withdraw troops from the South Asian nation. Biden also acknowledged that, if needed, US forces would remain past the 31 August deadline to evacuate all Americans.

He indicated that in his opinion there was no way to avoid the mayhem that unfolded in Afghanistan over the weekend, after the Taliban seized the capital Kabul.

While these remarks were made public on Wednesday when snippets of the interview emerged, Thursday saw a full transcript published by ABC. It was then that questions were raised as it emerged that fragments of it had been edited out.

“Now television networks edit interviews very often for time. But ABC News appears to have edited out portions that made Joe Biden look – how to put it – not presidential. Incoherent. Confused,” said Carlson.

He then read from the transcript to point out the blunders, such as Biden erroneously claiming that…

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