Lebanon Demands Action From UN Over Israel’s ‘Blatant Violation’ of Its Airspace to Attack Syria

Middle East

The Israeli military has regularly used Lebanese airspace over the course of its years-long campaign of preemptive attacks against Syria, knowing full well that Syria’s air defence troops are hesitant about launching interceptor missiles into Lebanon out of fear of escalating tensions with Beirut and concerns about potential civilian casualties.

Lebanon has sent a formal complaint to the United Nations over Tel Aviv’s “blatant” violation of Lebanese airspace following Thursday’s late night attack on Syria, defence minister Zeina Akar has announced.

Syrian media reported late Thursday that air defence troops in Damascus had engaged missiles fired by Israeli fighter jets as they roared over the city, with multiple projectiles seen being intercepted in amateur footage shot by residents in the Syrian capital. Military officials told the Syrian Arab News Agency that “most” of the incoming projectiles were shot down.

According to Lebanese media, the jets flew to their destinations in Syria after flying over the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon at low altitude just a few minutes earlier.

According to Lebanese media outlet al-Jadeed TV, at least two commercial passenger jets were forced to divert course while on route to Beirut during the attacks, presumably amid fears that they may be shot down. Fadi Al Hassan, director general of civil aviation at Rafic Hariri International Airport, told the network that…

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