Biden: ‘I Cannot Promise What the Final Outcome Will Be’ in Afghanistan Amid Withdrawal Efforts


US President Joe Biden has come under fire over the last several days following the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan as US forces remain in the war-torn nation while trying to evacuate fellow Americans and visa-carrying Afghan nationals. He has stood firm that the withdrawal was a necessity as staying longer was not a valid option.

US President Joe Biden offered the American public an update on the ongoing withdrawal efforts in Afghanistan on Friday, ultimately admitting that he is unable to say exactly what the “final outcome will be” in the Central Asian nation.

Biden told reporters at the White House that while the US was doing “everything” it could to provide “safe evacuations,” troubles were unavoidable amid the mass evacuation efforts.

However, he also acknowledged that sending additional American troops to retrieve US forces would inevitably prompt “an awful lot of unintended consequences” when asked whether a perimeter would be implemented around Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The US president did not offer an exact figure of Americans who are still in Afghanistan, saying officials were still working to verify tallies. It was detailed that approximately 6,000 American soldiers were on the ground and that 18,000 evacuations have been conducted since July, of which 13,000 have taken place since August 14. 

He did reiterate his past statement that the US could stay past the August 31…

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