UK Ministers Allegedly Mull Talks With Taliban Amid Fears Swift US Pullout Could Peril Evacuations

The UK government is concerned that if American forces currently deployed to Kabul international airport to ensure security were to leave, the evacuation of thousands of people from Taliban*- reclaimed Afghanistan would be endangered, reported The Guardian.

It was also suggested that some UK ministers and members of the military were mulling dealing directly with the Taliban. This, according to the outlet, would ultimately legitimise the position of the militant group, which many believe has not evolved since its inception.

There is no clarity regarding how long Washington intends to keep its contingent of 6,000 troops on the ground to safeguard the situation, government sources are cited as saying, adding that the UK could not continue airlifting people out without their presence. Bearing that in mind, along with uncertainty over the Taliban’s future actions, the UK wanted to wrap up its evacuation as rapidly as possible.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier appeared to hint at the possibility of recognising the Taliban. “We will judge this regime based on the choices it makes and by its actions rather than by its words,” Johnson told MPs.

Earlier on Sky News Gen Sir Nick Carter, the head of the British armed forces, said he believed the Taliban sought an “inclusive Afghanistan”. He spoke of the Islamist group as “country boys” who had “honour at the heart of what they do”.

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