Trump Would Win Today as Voters Say Biden Is More to Blame for Afghanistan, Poll Shows

Biden received 51.3% of the popular vote last November, compared to Trump’s 46.8%. Though many Americans saw Biden as a more competent leader than his predecessor in the months after the inauguration, the administration has suffered a strong blow to its popularity in the wake of its handling of the hasty pullout from Afghanistan.

Former President Donald Trump would defeat Vice President Joe Biden in the next presidential election if it were held today, a new Rasmussen poll showed on Wednesday.

According to the poll, in the latest indicator of Americans’ rising dissatisfaction with Biden, only 37% of probable US voters would vote for him in a presidential election if it was to be held right now. On the other hand, Trump would receive 43% of the vote, while 14% would vote for “some other candidate,” but the poll does not specify which one.

The poll was taken on August 16-17 with 1,000 likely voters, in the midst of the US’ tumultuous exit from Afghanistan after 20 years of military intervention, thousands of casualties, and a cost of more than $2 trillion.

However, in a silver lining for Biden, the majority of respondents said they do not regret voting for him in 2020, as 87% of Democrats are content with how they voted, while 95% of Republicans are as well.

Over the past several days, Biden and his national security team both blamed Trump for the peace accord with the Taliban* that he negotiated in early 2020. Back then in Doha, Trump agreed to a troop withdrawal by…

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