Trump: Afghanistan Withdrawal Greatest Embarrassment in US History, China ‘Laughing at Us’


According to the former American president, the US paid Afghan soldiers a “fortune”, sort of “bribing” them to fight. This comes amid a barrage of claims that the United States has left Afghans who helped American troops to their fate.

Donald Trump has called the American troops’ pullout from Afghanistan under the Biden administration the greatest embarrassment in US history.

The United States paid Afghan soldiers a lot, so when the US pulled out of Afghanistan, the Afghans stopped fighting, Trump said.

Trump also compared the annual state expenses for operation in Afghanistan with the Russian military budget.

“We were spending $42 billion a year. Think of it, 42 billion. I understand Russia spends $50 billion a year for their entire military, we are spending $42 billion,” Trump told Hannity.

“And we get nothing,” he said.

Biden announced his decision to end the US military presence in Afghanistan on 14 April, which has been the longest ever US military campaign abroad. As the withdrawal was almost complete, Taliban* fighters entered Kabul and assumed power in the country on August 15.

Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, a technocrat, fled abroad with pockets filled with cash, following the Taliban victory. Ghani claimed his swift “transfer of power” was done to prevent what he described as bloodshed that would occur if the Taliban had to fight for the city.

The group, however, claimed it would support an inclusive…

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