Biden Says He Did Not See Way to Withdraw From Afghanistan Without ‘Chaos Ensuing’


Over the last several days, US President Joe Biden has remained adamant that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is a necessity, underscoring that reasoning for the pullout was further bolstered by the fact that US-trained Afghan armed forces chose to not fight back against advances made by the Taliban militant group.

US President Joe Biden acknowledged on Wednesday that there was no way to avoid the chaotic scenes that unfolded in Afghanistan over the weekend, and that, if needed, US forces would be staying past the August 31 deadline to evacuate all Americans.

Biden, who made the unexpected remarks during an exclusive interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, further maintained that regardless of the mayhem, the withdrawal was necessary.

​When pushed on the matter, Biden reiterated that the possibility of madness unfolding in Afghanistan always weighed on the withdrawal decisions, but that US officials understood it was going to be an “enormous” situation to oversee and handle from the get-go. 

However, the conversation also geared back toward the Trump administration, which had negotiated the US withdrawal with the Taliban with an original deadline of May 1. Leaning into the threat of violence for US troops, Biden surprisingly admitted that one of the main reasons that attacks against American forces had been pulled back was because of the Trump White House’s peace deal.

“I had a simple choice. If I…

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