‘Puppet Master is Calling Back His Puppet’? What May Be Behind Biden’s ‘Vacation’ Amid Taliban Surge

For departing to the Camp David presidential retreat for a weekend vacation in the middle of several internal and foreign crises that the United States is facing, President Joe Biden has received an unflattering nickname from the conservative critics – “commander-in-absence”.

Does a President of the United States get a chance to go on vacation, given that his job implies never actually being off duty? This is something that many observers got a chance to discuss when Joe Biden decamped for a presidential retreat, even though the southern American border keeps breaking records in numbers of migrants seeking to enter the country, and Afghanistan is being seized by the Taliban* after the withdrawal of US troops from the country.

Opinions on whether now is a good time to travel to Delaware and Camp David differ. While the administration notes that every president works wherever they are, some argue that a commander-in-chief is expected to be in Washington DC when it comes to things like the American drawdown that results in the Taliban getting closer to the Afghan capital city.

Lisa Haven, the co-founder of RestrictedRepublic.com, believes that Biden’s move to get out of DC in the current situation is “not only disturbing but troublesome”.

Biden left for his vacation as border detentions in the south have reached an all-time single-day record, with Chief Agent Brian Hastings of the US Customs and Border Protection saying on Friday that nearly 4,000 illegal migrants were…

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