US Intel Reportedly Shows Kabul Can Be ‘Isolated’ by Taliban Within ’72 Hours’ Despite DoD Prognosis

Many countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Norway, have pulled most of their diplomatic staffers out of their embassies in Kabul, as the Taliban continues to take control of increasingly large regions in Afghanistan.

The Afghan capital city of Kabul could be isolated by the Taliban* within the week, possibly even within the next 72 hours, CNN reported, citing an unnamed diplomatic source said to be familiar with a recent intelligence assessment.

The reported estimation comes amid American officials withdrawing diplomatic staffers from Kabul and instructing them, according to a management notice obtained by CNN, to destroy sensitive materials and items that could be “misused in propaganda efforts”. 

Americans are not the only ones leaving their embassies, with the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, and Norway moving to do the same, evacuating the staffers. The US, along with other countries, will deploy additional troops in the region in order to assist with the evacuation.

The American decision comes amid a Pentagon assessment that the Afghan capital city does not face “imminent threat”.

Kirby also reiterated Washington’s “grave concern” over the speed with which the Taliban are moving through the country and the “lack of resistance that they have faced”.

The Taliban has surged in Afghanistan since US troops began to exit the country, establishing control over at least a dozen of the country’s 34 provincial capitals, including the…

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