Pompeo Says Trump Warned Taliban That US Would Attack Militants’ Villages if They Harmed Americans

In just over a week, the Taliban has captured nearly 20 provincial capitals including Kandahar and Herat, Afghanistan’s second- and third-largest cities. The collapse of Afghan forces comes amid the continued US withdrawal. On Thursday, the State Department urged all Americans to get out of the country immediately.

Former Trump secretary of state Mike Pompeo has expressed disappointment with the Biden administration over its chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and criticised the White House’s reported pleading with the Taliban* not to attack the US Embassy if they take Kabul.

On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that 3,000 troops would be temporarily sent into Afghanistan from Kuwait to provide security assistance for US diplomats and nationals evacuating the country.

Commenting on the deployment to Fox News, Pompeo suggested that it “looks like this was poor planning, poor leadership” on Biden’s part.

“The model of deterrence that the Trump administration had in place – we prepared to bring the soldiers…home. Looks like they’ve not been able to execute this. Strategy depends on planning and execution, looks like there’s a bit of panic. I hope that they’ve got the right number of folks, that they can get them there quickly. I hope that we can protect Americans in the way that the Trump administration had every intention of doing as we drew down our forces there,” Pompeo added.

Asked how the Trump administration would have proceeded with the…

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