Biden Increases US Troops in Afghanistan to 5,000 For ‘Safe Drawdown’ of US Personnel


Earlier in the week, the Pentagon announced the re-deployment of 3,000 American troops to Afghanistan to assist in the evacuation of US diplomats as the Taliban continues to advance in the country. The latter have asserted that it has established control over 90% of Afghan territory.

US President Joe Biden stated on Saturday that he had authorized the deployment of approximately 5,000 US troops in Afghanistan to “make sure we can have an orderly and safe drawdown of US personnel and other allied personnel and an orderly and safe evacuation of Afghans who helped our troops during our mission and those at special risk from the Taliban advance”.

The president also warned that any action from the Taliban that poses a risk to US personnel or “our mission” in Afghanistan will be met “with a swift and strong US military response”.

The statement also notes that Biden has ordered State Secretary Antony Blinken to provide support for the Afghan government as the latter tries to “prevent further bloodshed and pursue a political settlement”.

The American president also revealed that he has appointed Ambassador Tracey Jacobson in charge of Washington’s efforts to “process, transport, and relocate Afghan special immigrant visa applicants and other Afghan allies.”

To finalize the statement, Biden made a promise that he will be the last American president to deal with war in Afghanistan. 

He also explained his move to withdraw…

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