Militants With British Accents: UK Jihadis Reportedly Secretly Joining Taliban in Afghanistan

The Taliban* Islamist movement continues to make rapid advances as the last remaining US and NATO forces withdraw from Afghanistan, seizing control over Kandahar and the strategically important city of Ghazni, which is on the road to the capital, Kabul, late on Thursday.

British jihadis have reportedly been secretly smuggling themselves into Afghanistan to join the ranks of the Taliban* Islamist group as it pushes ahead with its massive onslaught, reclaiming territory from government forces.

The phone calls of terrorists with British accents have been intercepted, a senior military intelligence official was cited by The Sun as saying.

“Intermittent intelligence” purportedly shows that British men have been taking up arms against the Afghan government, which is struggling to contain the Taliban’s power grab, began in May as US and NATO forces began their withdrawal from the country.

British jihadists are believed to have travelled to Afghanistan through Pakistan’s tribal areas to reach the front lines, where the Taliban on Thursday announced they had taken Kandahar, the country’s second-largest city, and overrun Herat in western Afghanistan.

On Thursday, reports came in that the Taliban had seized two of Afghanistan’s biggest cities on Thursday, Kandahar and Herat, according to media reports, including the Associated Press. Taliban had also taken control of Ghazni, situated on the Kandahar-to-Kabul road some 150 km (90 miles) southwest of the…

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